It was very rainy day

It was very rainy day

It was very rainy day when u were born,
But it was not the rain,
It was the sky who was crying bcoz
It lost its most beautiful star.

Happy Birthday

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No Shadows

No shadows 2 depress u

only joys 2 surround u

many friends 2 luv u

God himself 2 bless u

These r my wishes 4 u,

for today, tommorrow & everyday.

Happy Birthday

A Joyous Birthday

A Joyous Birthday with Fun and Friends,
A Happier Day with gifts and grands,
Where wishing is a trend,
I simply pray for you my friend,
Be the HAPPIEST forever,
May you see this day,
Again and Again
Happy Birthday!

Every day is a blessing

Every day is a blessing,
but some days
are better than the rest-
days when God's
warmth and love
touches everything
with sunshine..
And I hope your birthday
is one of those
blessed and beautiful days
full of happiness,
a day to inspire dreams.

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