A bowl of warmth

A bowl of warmth,
A soft face,
A new day.
Some get-well thoughts sent your way.
Feel better soon.

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The best 6 doctors

The best 6 doctors anywhere
I bet no one could deny it
Sunshine, rest, water, exercise, fresh air and diet.
These six will happily attend you
If only you are prepared
they'll ease your mind
and cure you....
without charging you a shilling.

Get Well Soon

Llot of reasons

There are a lot of reasons
for you to get well.
Your kin loves
and needs you,
your kin is
concerned about you...
...your folks are absolutely
unsupervised in your own kitchen !!

May you find

May you find comfort in knowing many of us are gentle about you
And we hope good well being will be restored to you quickly.

Get Well Soon

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