The breeze has

The breeze has awakened the earth,
The sun gave brightness to the earth,
Birds gave melodious music to the earth,
Then its the time to wish my sweet friend
Good Morning

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Tinky Minky Eyes

Open ur tinky minky eyes,
stand up and strech ur crunchy prunchy bonz
and then wake up yourself, tell your brain to refresh
and tell your self 2days is GOOD DAY

Good Morning!!!

U have two choices

Every morning u have two choices!

Continue your sleep with Dreaming.
Wake up and Chase your Dreams

Choice is yours!
Good Morning

2 Most Important Things

Have u done 2 of the most important things when u woke up today????
1) Pray, so that u may live long.
2) Take a bath so that other can live long.

Just kidding, wish u have a nice day.

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