Eid wish

Its more than just an Eid wish,
more than a message too.

For it comes with warm and loving thoughts
because it's meant for you.

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Ye Kya Hai EID?

Ye Kya Hai EID?

Accountant Ne Kaha,
E: Extreem Happy
I : In
D : Divide Expenses.

BusinessMan Ne Kah,
E: Esteem Happy
I : In
D : Discount

Lawyer Ne Kaha.
E : Event Of
I : Increase
D : Dual Happy

Lovers Ne Kaha.
E: Eik Or
I : I
D : DAte

HappY EiD MubaraK

HappY EiD MubaraK

I know its too early...
but l have hundreds of boys and prety girls to wish...
So I decided to finish off Uncles & Aunties first!

Everyone sent u

Everyone sent u
Tradition words about
Eid but I m the fist one
To send u

"Meat Mubarak"
Keep on eating
Different dishes
On this season

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