Aap Jaisa Dad

Phool to bohat hain par gulaab jaisa koi nahi,
Dad to sabhi ke hain par ap jaisa koi nahi.

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Understanding Heart

You have an understanding heart...
& a source of strength thats amazing
You have it all!
Happy Father's Day to SUPER DAD!

You are the best

You are the best. I love u so much.
I don't think that even if I searched
the world for years and years and years
I would find someone that is as caring,
as thoughtful, as hardworking as u.
I love u. Happy Father's Day Dad!

Daddy's hands

Daddy's hands were soft and kind
When I waz crying

Daddy's hands were hard as steel
When I'd done wrong,

Daddy's hands weren't always gentle,
But I've come to understand...

There waz always love in Daddy's hands.

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