Delightful And Loving

Delightful And Loving

Delightful and loving,
Loved and admired,
Dad, you're my Hero,
My life you've inspired
And when all my blessings are counted each day,
I thank god in heaven for dad when I pray.
Dad thanks for your presence
Throughout thick and thin;
You're more than a parent,
You're my wonderful friend.

Happy Father's Day

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Happy, Happy Father's Day

Happy, Happy Father's Day

No One's Father Is So Sweet.
Your Kind Ways Just Can't Be Beat.
Happy Happy Father's Day;
I Love You In A Big Way!!

Aap Jaisa Dad

Phool to bohat hain par gulaab jaisa koi nahi,
Dad to sabhi ke hain par ap jaisa koi nahi.

Understanding Heart

You have an understanding heart...
& a source of strength thats amazing
You have it all!
Happy Father's Day to SUPER DAD!

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