Pay my regards

"..*¤Happy Fathers Day¤*.."

Pay my regards to ur father who is tolerating such a dumb duffer child,,
What a stamina he has got.. I salute ur father :p ;->

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Delightful And Loving

Delightful and loving,
Loved and admired,
Dad, you're my Hero,
My life you've inspired
And when all my blessings are counted each day,
I thank god in heaven for dad when I pray.
Dad thanks for your presence
Throughout thick and thin;
You're more than a parent,
You're my wonderful friend.

Happy Father's Day

Happy, Happy Father's Day

Happy, Happy Father's Day

No One's Father Is So Sweet.
Your Kind Ways Just Can't Be Beat.
Happy Happy Father's Day;
I Love You In A Big Way!!

Aap Jaisa Dad

Phool to bohat hain par gulaab jaisa koi nahi,
Dad to sabhi ke hain par ap jaisa koi nahi.

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