Before 1947 Aug 15

B4 1947 Aug 15, World nvr know the meaning of freedom,
Its Indians who thought the world the true meaning of freedom,
Be proud to be Indian,
Happy Independence Day.

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We are your children

We are your children - Thankyou for taking care of us ...
We shall continue serving u till our last!
and u plz take care of us!!
''JAI HINDH'' ... U Mother India

~*~~*~ Happy Independence Day ~*~~*~

Salute to the heroes

Salute to the heroes who sacrifice themselves to make our nation and our people independent.
Jai Hind. Happy Independence Day!!!

Everyone is celebrating

Everyone is celebrating Independence Day all over India.
Sending Wishes for the day, But let us thank all the people
and the legends who fought and gave up thier lives for us
to enjoy today as our Independence day.
Lets pray for their souls to rest in peace,
Happy Independence day!!

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