In the Zoo

Happy birthday 2 u,
Happy birthday 2 u!
You were born in d zoo,
You were born in d zoo,
With d monkeys 'n donkeys that looks just like u!

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I just want to say

a day
that day.
this day.
brilliant day.
shiny day.
cool day.
bloomy day.
rainy day.
oh yaar leave it.
I just want to say.

Beautiful Star

One day sky was crying.
I ask him why are you crying today.
He told me I have lost my beautiful star.
It was a day when you were born.

I Didn't Forget Your Birthday

I Didn't Forget Your Birthday,
I'm Just Fashionably Late.
I'm So Sorry I Missed Your Birthday,
I Hope That You Had A Wonderful Day.
I May Have Forgotten Your Birthday,
But I Didn't Forget About You!
I Didn't Forget About Your Birthday;
I Just Wanted To Help Prolong The Celebration.

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