Happy Buddha Purnima

"We live in illusion and the appearance of things.
There is a reality. We are that reality.
When you understand this, you see that you are nothing, and being nothing, you are everything.
That is all."
Happy Buddha Purnima

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May Lord Buddha's preachings for

May Lord Buddha's preachings for
right conduct,
right motive,
right speech,
right effort,
right resolve,
right livelihood,
right attention and
right meditation...
help us to eradicate evil and suffering from this world.

Aroghyam Oka Goppa Varam

Aroghyam Oka Goppa Varam !
Santrupti Oka Goppa sampada !!
Viswassam Manchi Bandhavaim !!

Happy Buddha Jayanti

On Buddha Purnima

On Buddha Purnima....
Wishing that peace and traquality be by your side...
Today and Always!

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