Life as a penis

Life as a penis

Life as a penis

5 reasons not 2 b a penis

1) ur bald ur entire life
2) both ur naybors r nutz
3) an arsehole lives behind u
4) ur bestm8s acunt
5) when excited u throw up den faint!

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Sex Guide

Bak 2 bak,
front 2 front,
on the table, lick the cunt,
stick it in,
do ur ting,
do it hard & make her sing,
tense ur body feel the cum,
den let it rip into her bum!

Good Sex

Good Sex...

Sex is good,
sex is fine,
doggy style or 69,
just for fun or getting paid,
everyone likes getting laid!

When an apple is green

When an apple is green it's ready to pluck
When a girl is sixteen she's ready to fuck!

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