Coffee cats and men

Coffee cats and men

What do coffee, cats and men have in common?
They all keep you awake at night.

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Two inches more

He - Two inches more and I would be king.
She - Two inches less, and you'd be queen.

Life as a penis

Life as a penis

5 reasons not 2 b a penis

1) ur bald ur entire life
2) both ur naybors r nutz
3) an arsehole lives behind u
4) ur bestm8s acunt
5) when excited u throw up den faint!

Sex Guide

Bak 2 bak,
front 2 front,
on the table, lick the cunt,
stick it in,
do ur ting,
do it hard & make her sing,
tense ur body feel the cum,
den let it rip into her bum!

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