2 tyres of a vehicle

2 tyres of a vehicle

Husband & Wife r like 2 tyres of a vehicle.
Even if 1 punctures, the vehicle can't move further.
So, intelligent men always carry a stepny!!!!

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Do u know

Do u know? Virgin ladies r called "Center Fresh",
Married ladies r called "Polo hole",
just married but found not virgin r called "Center Shock".

Appreciation Salary

Boss gave a miniskirt to his secratary as first month appreciation salary.
By seeing her performance in second month boss have raised her first month salary.

Closest to womans period

Whats the closest thing to a womans period?
Ur salary!
It cums once a month.
Lasts About 3 or 4 days & if it doesnt cum everyone is in trouble!

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