Ganguly to his wife

Ganguly to his wife

Ganguly to his wife during sex- PITCH is dry, Grass not cut, Slow outfield.

Wife (Dona) replies- Nonsense!!! Inzamaam scored century on the same PITCH!!!!

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What is the time

Women(2 sardar):What is the time?

Sardar replied d answer n was slapped.


He answered bra pantees(12:35).

New Budget for all Ladies

New Budget for all Ladies;
All ladies will be taxed according to bra sizes,
40-42 : Burden Tax.
38-40 : Wealth Tax.
34-36 : Entertainment Tax.
32-34 : Excitement Tax.
26-30 : Development Tax.
I have heard the Tax department is now working on cup sizes.

Ladkiyan bhi badi ajeeb hain

Ye ladkiyan bhi badi ajeeb cheez hoti hain....
kuchh kaho to muh jula deti hai,
kuchh karo to pet fula deti hain!

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