Difference among woman

Difference among woman

Difference among woman aged 05-15-25-35-45-55

age05, takes her in a bed and tells her a story
age15, tells her a story and takes her in to bed
age25, you dont need to tells her a story to takes her to bed.
age35, she tells you a story to take you to bed.
age45, you will tells her a story to avoid her going to bed.
age55, if you will go to bed it will be story.

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Condom says to Whisper

Condom says to Whisper: Every month u stop my business for one week.

Whisper says: Ahhhahhha!!! If u make mistake one time, I loose my business for 9 months......

Pros and Man

pros: 200 loongi hil hil k doongi
man: 100 doonga hil main khud loonga
pros: 100 bhi bacha le haath se hila le..

2 tyres of a vehicle

Husband & Wife r like 2 tyres of a vehicle.
Even if 1 punctures, the vehicle can't move further.
So, intelligent men always carry a stepny!!!!

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