My medical results

My medical results

I just got my medical results. My condition is critical, as days pass by I become SEXIER & SEXIER but don't worry its not contagious......u wont get it!

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Upon receiving this text

Upon receiving this text you must send it 2 1 person u like, 1 person u hate, 1 person u love, and 1 PERSON u want 2 fuck.

Now think about y i sent it 2 YOU!

My wife is better

2 Men went 2 a call girl. 1st went in, came out and said "no my wife is better".

2nd went in, came out and said "u r right ur wife is really better!!!!!!!!.

Most difficult golfcourse

Q: Do you know the most difficult golfcourse in this world?
A: Womans hole, no matter how many strokes or what style u play u r balls will never go in.

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