When Love Fails

When Love Fails,
Emotions Work.
when emotions fail,
memories work.
when memories fail,
words work.
when words fails,
tears work.
when everythig fails BACARDI works.

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If you need advice

If you need advice msg me,
If u need a friend call me,
If u need help email me,
If u need money ......... "is route ki sabhi line vyast hai kripya koshish na karen."

When everything goes wrong

When everything goes wrong & everyone is against u and u want to end it all. I will come close, hold ur hands, and then take u 4 a walk over a river bridge and show where to jump.

Wen I was sad

Wen I was sad, u were there,
Wen I was lonely, u were there,
Wen my life was a mess, u were there!
Now I know ur the badluck for me.

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