In ur darkest hour

In ur darkest hour

In ur darkest hour wen ur fed up & blue.just remember this I'll always be there 4 u. Im not angel n cant change ur fate. But I'll do anything 4 u coz ur my m8.

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Although its quite a statement

Although its quite a statement, Well it happens 2 b true. The best friend I ever had, Im glad 2 say its u!

Wherever you go

Wherever you go, whatever you do,
you know I'll always be there for you.
So if u r alone, there is no need to fear,
Just give me a call and u kno I'll be there!

Whatever you do

Whatever you do, I'll walk with you. Hoping that your every dream would come true. Anytime, anywhere, I'll always be there. Wishing you love and happiness because I care.

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