Don't send any msgs

Don't send any msgs

Don't send any msgs,
I dnt wnt 2 c u,
2 hear ur voice,
2 think of u,
2 keep in touch wid u!!
coz da doctor advised me 2 keep away from sweets :)

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Cotton candy

Cotton candy ? Nope !
Chocolate syrup ? Nah !
How about sugar ? Hmmm nope!
Sweetheart, still can't find anything sweet as you.

U r my star that shines...

U r my star that shines at night,
a beautiful angel I wanna hold tight.
a million diamonds, rare treasure so fine,
I'd give anything 2 make u mine.

Next time it rains

Next time it rains, try and catch a few drops in your hands.
The drops you catch is the amount you like me & the drops you don't is the amount I like you! GOOD NITE!

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