Who is stronger

Who is stronger

Who is stronger, Man Or Woman?

A woman coz she lifts
2 mountains on her chest while a man
lifts 2 stones with the help of a crane.

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Hook of cricket and bra

Whts the diff between hook in circket and hook of bra.

One sends ball out of boundary
and other keeps balls within
the boundary!

James Bond boasting

James Bond boasting
2 girls about new watch

BOND: It reads ur mind &
tells me u r not wearing

GIRL: But I m wearng em.
BOND: My watch is ONE hr fast!

Advantages of having an affair

Advantages of having an affair
with married women...

they give like hell
they do not yell,
they do not tell,
they do not swell,
and there r no wedding bells!

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