Sex is better than golf

Sex is better than golf

Why sex is better than golf:

No green fee,
smaller hole
need only 1 stick & 2 balls,
more strokes
noisy playing permitted
wet conditions ideal!

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Stop printing stamps

Q. Why americans stop printing stamps with photo of pameela anderson?

A. Bcoz people started licking the wrong side of it for pasting them on the envelopes.

Urine examination

Once a nun goes for a urine examination and the samples get mixed up.

the report indicates she is pregnant.
When she gets the report,
she exclaims, "oh jesus!! Now we can not even rely on candles"

I love the way

I love the way it rubs against the soft pink flesh, and creates a creamy foamy liquid as it thrusts in and out, up and down..

Can't wait to brush my teeth

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