Psychotherapist Sign Board

Psychotherapist Sign Board

Dr Chopra psychotherapist
wanted his 'Sign Borad' to
b painted in front of his
clinic bt our Sardar painter
Painted "Dr Chopra Psycho
The Rapist"

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Sardar in Coffee Shop

Sardar apni wife ke sath
coffee shop gaya. Hot coffe
order ki. Aate hi bolo jaldi
pile, wife boli why?

Bcoz hot is Rs 5 & cold is
Rs 20!

Jeeto to Pizza Hut

Q:) Why did Santa Singh take his
pregnant wife Jeeto to Pizza Hut?

A:) Bcoz they advertised
'free delivery'

Saat saal ke baad

Saas: Saat saal ke baad bacha
paida kiya woh bhi ladki...

Bahu: Agar aapke bete ke bharose
rahti to ye bhi na hota!

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