No matter

No matter how high the sky is,
How deep the ocean is,
How strong the wind is,
How wide the river is,
I just want to tell YOU....
They're none of YOUR BUSINESS.

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Those sparkling eyes

Those sparkling eyes
That amazing face
A 100watt smile
The Enthu Stride
The cheerful talk
Charming stud
I'm still the same
hw r u?...wts up?

I love U

U r the 1st thing that comes 2 my mind.
I wish I could start my day with U in my bed.
I just luv Ur feel to my lips. U just make my day.

Those Three Words

I want you,
to be with me in a nice Restaurant
to have candle light dinner.... &
to say those sweet three words to U....
"Pay The Bill"

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