Mulk Ki Bhi

Mulk Ki Bhi

Mulk ki bhi ek sarhad hoti hai,
Bacche ki bhi ek zid hoti hai,
Aur kitna intezar karu tere sms ka,
Arre yaar kanjusi ki bhi ek haad hoti hai.

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Engineering Student

A typical engineering student grabbed a coin, flipped it in d air n said
"heads I go 2 sleep,
tails I watch a movie,
If it stands on d edge
I'll study.........

Smooth Roads

Smooth roads never make good drivers
Smooth sea never makes good sailors
Clear skies never make good pilots
Problem free life never makes a strong & good person.
Have a tough, but winning day ahead.
Be strong enough to accept the challenges of life.

Don't go for looks

Don't go for looks,
they can deceive

Don't go for wealth
even that fades away.

Go for sum1 who makes u
smile becoz only a smile makes
a dark day seem bright.

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