SEX is My Fav

SEX is My Fav

SEX is My Fav.
I Do it regularly.
Do it & Feel Gd!
U'll enjoy it!
I'll Die w/out SEX, S-Sleep, E-Eat, X-xercise, So do it everyday, gd for u.

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One Foot

A woman married to a one legged man.
She wrote to her mother: "My husband only has ONE FOOT".
Her Mother replied: "You are lucky, your papa has ONLY 5 INCHES"

Teach Mathmatics

How to teach mathmatics to a Girl.
1st add lips
2nd minus clothes
3rd divide legs
and then start Multiplication in the Sweetest Point.


Officer: Madam swimming is prohibited in this lake.
Lady: Then why didn't you tell me when I was removing my clothes?
Officer: Well, that's not prohibited.

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