Nurse lost her cat

Nurse lost her cat

Nurse lost her cat.
Nurse in the hospital - Any 1 got a pussy,all women stood up,
I mean any one seen a pussy, all men stood up.
I meant any one seen my pussy, all doctors stood up.

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Sex With Patient

Doc 1 - Shit I had sex with my patient, I m feeling guilty.
Doc 2 - It happens in our profession, take it easy.
Doc 1 - Ya..Ya..but u see.. im a VETERNARY DOCTOR.

Beauty is to...

Beauty is to see & to touch,

Flowers are to smell & to pluck,

Nipples are to play & to suck,

Women are to Love & to Fuck,

All these are free but depends on Luck

Confidence and Confidential

Pappu: What's the difference between Confidence and Confidential?

Santa: yo are my son I'm Confident. your friend is also my son, that's Confidential.

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