8 Year Old Son

8 Year Old Son

Santa: My 8 year old son is very naughty, he has made my maid servant pregnant.
Confused Banta: How the hell?
Santa: He took a pin & punctured all my condoms.

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Perfect Boyfriend

8 qualities of a PERFECT boyfriend...

In short, B.I.G.P.E.N.I.S

11 benefits

11 benefits of masterbation.

1:- Self Reliance
2:- Time Convience
3:- Prevention of Crime
4:- Mental Choice of Lady
5:- No Risks of AIDS
6:- No Special place Requirement
7:- No Wastage of Cash
8:- Easy to Perform
9:- No fear of early ejaculation
10:- Guranteed Satisfaction
11:- No Risk of Being Caught

Nurse lost her cat

Nurse lost her cat.
Nurse in the hospital - Any 1 got a pussy,all women stood up,
I mean any one seen a pussy, all men stood up.
I meant any one seen my pussy, all doctors stood up.

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