Lady in a Jeans

Lady in a Jeans

A lady was wearing jeans in a train.
A man who saw that her zip was open said: Madam, your lips are laughing.
Woman: Hey they want a cigarette.

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Three ladies saw a dog ucking violently.
Dr's wife: They are enjoying life.
Lawyer's wife: No, it's a rape.
Army Officer's Wife: I think the dog has come on a holiday.


Wife in good mood rotating husbands sex organ in bed.
Husband: You want sex?
Wife: No. Just joined car driving school and practicing gear changing.

My Dad Has Two

Sex teacher draws picture of male sex organ and asked does anyone know what this is?
Kid: ya, my dad have two.
Teacher: two?
Kid: A small one for susu and big one to brush moms teeth.

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