Calculate Size of Bra

Calculate Size of Bra

Customer: My wife needs a bra but I don't know the size.
Salesgirl: Touch my breast and try to calculate.
Customer: Oh I forget she needs panties too.

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Who's Guilty

Who's guilty?
Wife dreaming in the night suddenly shouts "quickly my husband is back" man get up, jumps out of the window and realizes, dammit I am the husband.

Dual Meaning Answer

Girl: What do you like in me?
Boy: Those two balls having black dots in center.
Girl: You rascal are you with me for that?
Boy: Yes, I like your eyes.

Bath With Animals

A boy and animal went to river to take a bath.
As he removed his clothes all animal laughed at him.
He asked: why are you laughing at me?
Animals: your tails in front.

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