Bite Them for $1000

Bite Them for $1000

Boy saw a lady with big breast.
He asked her: can I bite them for $1000?
She says: Ok they go to a secluded corner. She opens her blouse.
The boy kisses, licks, puts his face in them, presses them hared for 10 minutes
Lady asks: Aren't you gonna bite them?
He replies: No, it's too costly.

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Two Tyres

Husband and wife are like two tyres of a vehicle. Even if one punctures, the vehicle can't move further. So intelligent people always keep stepney.

Calculate Size of Bra

Customer: My wife needs a bra but I don't know the size.
Salesgirl: Touch my breast and try to calculate.
Customer: Oh I forget she needs panties too.

Who's Guilty

Who's guilty?
Wife dreaming in the night suddenly shouts "quickly my husband is back" man get up, jumps out of the window and realizes, dammit I am the husband.

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