After 1st night

After 1st night

Midnight hot: After 1st night.
Husband: Dear what do you think about our first night?
Wife: darling 5% pain, 5% enjoyment and 90% old memories.

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Lady Traffic Police

One man married lady traffic police. Friend asks how your 1st night was. She collected Rs.100 from me for over speed, Rs.200 for wrong side entry, Rs.500 for no helmet.

Senior Organ

Who is senior's female sex organ or male sex organ?
Answer: Female sex organ because male sex organ always stands up when he sees a female sex organ, so respects the seniors.

Belt on the Knee

A guy picked up for a date.
Guy: Why are you wearing your belt around your knee?
Girl: I promised my mom that I wouldn't let you touch me below my belt.

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