Ppyaar karna nahi aata

Ppyaar karna nahi aata

Wife 2 husband: Tumhein pyaar karna nahi aata,
Hus: Achha to ye 3 bachhe kya internet se download kiye hain.
Wife: Nahi ye to sharmaji ki pen drive se liye hain.

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Difficult Sport to Watch

Which is most difficult sport in the world to watch?
Women's doubles tennis- 9 balls bounce at a time and you don't know which one to watch.

6 Benefits

Six benefits of girls milk.

1. Cat can't drink.
2. No need of glass.
3. No expiry date.
4. Packed in beautiful container.
5. No need to boil. 6. 1+1 offer.

Gift from London

Wife: I am going to London. What gift do you want?
Husband: A British girl.

(Wife return to India)
Husband: where is my gift?
Wife: Wait for nine months.

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