Good Relation

Gud relation doesn't need promises
any terms or conditions
it jus needs 2 wonderful ppl
one kool like me
n one chweeeeeeeeeet like u

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Log milte hain

Log milte hain EVERY TIME
Pasand aate hain SOME TIME
Dosti hoti hai ONE TIME
Jo rehti hai LIFE TIME.

Dosti koi farz nahin

Dosti koi farz nahin...Ek rishta hai yeh.
Raishte jo khoon se nahin... Dil se bandhe.
Dil jo kuchh pal ko mile... Mile zindagi bhar ke liye.
Ek zindagi kabhi puri nahin hoti... Aziz dost ke liye.

Best Moments in Life

Some of the best moments in life:-
Lying in bed listening to the rain outside...
Thinking about the person you love...
A long drive on a calm road...
Finding money in your old jeans just when you need it...
Giggling over silly jokes...
Holding hands with a friend...
Getting a hug from someone who loves u...
The moment your eyes fill with tears after a big laugh...
Wishing you these moments in your life always..!

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