Missing You...

Missing You. . .
Is Not The Hard Part !!!
But . . .
Knowing That
I Once Had You ...
Is What Breaks My
Heart . . . !!!

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Sweetest part in life

Sweetest part in life is 2 carry all d memories in life.
Toughest part is 2 say good bye
to the person who is behind those memories!!!

I miss u wen

I miss u wen u r far away.
I think about u every nite & day.
Even if we cant b 2gether.
I will miss u now & forever!

If I get scared

If I get scared, wld u hold me tight?
If I make a mistake, wld u make it rite?
If I build a fire, wld u watch over da flame?
If I say I miss u, wld u feel da same?

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