Ttere SMS nahi aarele

Ttere SMS nahi aarele

Abhi bole to bhai ko tere SMS nahi aarele,
Bhai ka khopdi bahot tight he,
Bol nikalu kya tera luky draw?
Bole to do-char SMS chipka dal mamu.
Sender...Circuit Bhai.!

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Akal badi ki bhains

PROFESSOR: Akal badi ki bhains?
MUNNA BHAI: Bole toh pehlay date of birth bata mamu.

Gandhi Jayanti

LECTURER: Write a note on Gandhi Jayanti.

CIRCUIT WRITES: Gandhi was a great man,
but maa kasam i dont know who is Jayanti.
Koi locha-lafda hoga bapu ka!

First Patient

After finishing MBBS... Dr Munna Bhai starts his practice.

He checked his FIRST patient's eyes,
tongue & ears by TORCH & finally what did he say?

"Battery is OK"

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