My wish for today

My wish for today

When God opened the window of the Heaven,
He asked me: What is your wish for today? "
I said : Please take special care of the person reading this!!!

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God Bless You

3 - 2 = One heart praying 4 you.
1 + 1= Two eyes looking for you.
3+2= Five senses missing you.
4+3= Seven days in a week I desire you.
7+5= 12 months asking god to bless you.

All Colors in You Life

Peace - White
Power - Red
Knowledge - Yellow
Development - Green
Love - Pink
Success - Blue
I wish u these all colours come in u r life....!!

As Cloud cover the Sun

As Cloud cover the Sun
Truth cover the Lie
Angel cover the Evil
Flowers cover the Garden
I Wish & Pray that happiness covers all the worries of your life.

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