Jeevan ke is mod par

Jeevan ke is mod par

Jeevan ke is mod par yeh dua hai hamari,
Sada khushiyon se jholi bhari rahe tumhari,
Usme ho aansu khushi ke aur yaadein hamari.

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Har khushi par haq ho aapka

Har khushi par haq ho aapka.
Khushiyon bhara safar ho aapka.
Gham kabhi karwat na badle aap ki taraf.
Sada muskurata rahe chehra aapka.

My wish for today

When God opened the window of the Heaven,
He asked me: What is your wish for today? "
I said : Please take special care of the person reading this!!!

God Bless You

3 - 2 = One heart praying 4 you.
1 + 1= Two eyes looking for you.
3+2= Five senses missing you.
4+3= Seven days in a week I desire you.
7+5= 12 months asking god to bless you.

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