Dont work too hard to

Dont work too hard to

Dont work too hard to give yourself the best of everything,
Instead make a greater effort to give GOD the best of yourself.
God Bless You.

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In the ocean of lyf

"In the ocean of lyf, GOD s our bouyant force,
No matter how strong d wind & how gigantic d waves r,
We will not sink bcoz we r anchored 2 HIM"

Sunrise Makes Our Mornings

"Sunrise makes our mornings beautiful, but the words of GOD strengthen us & make our lives more meaningful".
Smile & enjoy life!

GOD doesnt require u 2 b d best

"GOD doesn't require u 2 b d best,
HE just wants u 2 do ur best &
HE will take care of d rest".

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