I've failed over and over

I've failed over and over

"I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed " - M. Jordan

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Thought 4 d day

Thought 4 d day
3 sentences of success by william shakespeare.
1-know more than other.
2-work more than other.
3-expect less than other.

When life gets difficult

When life gets difficult,
When the tasks become tiring,
When your heart is giving up,
Remember that the snail got to noah's ark .... Inch by inch!

Love begins with a smile

Love begins w/a smile,
Grows w/a kiss,
Ends w/a tear.
Wen u wer born, u wer crying &
evryone around u was smiling.
Live yr life so dat wen u die,
u r d 1 smiling & evryone around u is crying.

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