Todays students thinking

Todays students thinking

Todays student's thinking.
Thousands of yesterdays are gone.
Millions of tomorrows will come.
But still a hope is alive.
Kal se pakka padhenge.

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Question paper tuff lage to

Agar question paper tuff lage
ya samajh me na aye to ek gehri saans lo aur zor se chillao
kamino fail hi karna he to exam kyo lete ho...!?

Exams are like GIRL FRIENDS

Exams are like GIRL FRIENDS

1 Too Many Questions.
2 Difficult to Understand.
3 More Explanation is Needed.
4 Result is always FAIL!

Exam k Paawan Mauke Pe

Exam k paawan mauke pe arz hai-

Padhna-likhna tyag de mitra,
Nakal se rakh ab aas.
Odh rajai so ja beta,
Ab rab hi krega pass.

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