33 Runs

Harbhajan starts raising his bat on 33 runs.
Dravid: What happened, its not 50 or 100!
Harbhajan: Yes, but the students understand the importance of scoring 33.

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Is this love?

My nights are going sleepless,
My days are going useless.
So I asked GOD, "Is this love?".
GOD replied, "No dear, result is near".

Dono Ki Uljhan

Uski nazar meri taraf thi,
Meri nazar uski taraf thi,
Wo mujh se kuch kehna chahti thi
Main us se kuch puchna chahta tha
Dono isi uljhan mein baithe rahe aur...

Exam Over ho gaya

Todays students thinking

Todays student's thinking.
Thousands of yesterdays are gone.
Millions of tomorrows will come.
But still a hope is alive.
Kal se pakka padhenge.

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