Today I saw a person

Today I saw a person

Today I saw a person.
Looking exacly like you.
I accidently called ur name.
But that person therw away the banana and jumped on another tree.

R U Twins ????

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Socha tumhe chaand kahu

Socha tumhe chaand kahu...
Par usame bhi daag hai,
Socha tumhe sooraj kahu...
Par usame bhi aag hai,
Phir socha tumhe bandar kahu...
Par... usame bhi dimaag hai.

Aasmaan jitna neela hai

Aasmaan jitna neela hai..
Sunflower jitna peela hai..
Paani jitna geela hai..
Aap ka screw utna hi dheela hai..;->

A Piece Of Advice

Hey Dude
A Piece Of Advice
For You ... !!

Never Think Yourself As An Ugly Person

Always Consider
Yourself A Beautiful Monkey...... =P ;->

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