What I did was foolish

What I did was foolish

What I did was foolish & impulsive
If I cud take it all back i'd do this so instant
I truly didn't mean to hurt you in any way
I'm sorry for hurting you.

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I Know How Angry

I know how angry you are &
What you must be going through
So I hope, you know
How sorry I am for all
That happens between us ...
Please forgive me

Words will not be able

Words will not be able to ever express
how sorry I am for this,
and I have profound regret and sorrow
for the multitude of
mistakes and harm
I have caused.

I felt ashamed

I felt ashamed for what I had done.
I don't have any excuses.
I did what I did.
I take full responsibility for myself and my actions.
I wouldn't pawn this off on anybody.
I'm sorry it happened.
And I hurt people.

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