In a forest

In a forest

In a forest 10 people were walking....! (including me)
Suddenly a TIGER came and killed 9 people..... but didnt TOUCH me...... WHY? Because
Nangadhan singamla..........

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Enna unga paper

Vasagar: Enna unga paper la uppu sappe illa?

Writer: padikka sonna.....
ungala yaru nakki
pakka sonnathu.....

I decided to sucide

Yesterday i decided to sucide
I went to a mountain and tried to jump.
At that time i got a message in my mobile.
It's your message , after i read it
i decided to live.
U know why?
Vetti message anupura neeyelam uiroda irukumbodhu, na yaen saganum"...!

Naragathil yeman and man

Naragathil yeman and man.
MAN: nan en wifeuku oru call pannikuren how much paise?
YEMAN:naragam to naragam FREE

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