If an egg breaks

If an egg breaks

If an egg breaks due 2 outside force!
"Inside life ends!"
If it breaks from inside! "Life begins!"

Great things always begin from inside!
So try to make your inside good!

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Ever See A Baby

Ever see a baby
Learn to walk
Without falling down ...?
You never will either.

"Mistakes" are a part of the process we call "Success" ...

Nice Thought

Don't try to Impress others,
then you will have no time to express urself...!
Simple But True...!

7 secrets of sucess

7 secrets of sucess in ur roomitself.

1. Roof says aim hi.
2. Fan says B cool.
3. Clock says every min. is precious.
4. Mirror says Reflect B4 u act.
5. Window says C the world.
6. Calender says B update.
7. Door says Push hard to achieve ur goals.

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