I wish im a stone

I wish im a stone

I wish im a stone..
So when d tym comes dat dey want me out of deir lyf
dey can throw me as far as dey cud.

I may break into pieces,

But atleast I wont fil any pain.

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Loving 100 Wrong Persons

Loving 100 wrong persons
may not even AFFECT ur life.
But hating 1 right person
will leave U a Broken HEART
Throughout.. Ur LIFE

Keep your memories intact

"Separation" is a wound that
No one can "heal"
But "Rememberance" is a gift
That No one can "steal"

Keep your memories intact

Every person around you

Every person around you is
Going to hurt u at some point of time..
But its upto u to decide what is important..

The pain or the person..!

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