Things must be done

Things must be done

There r few things dat must be don
B4 one says Goodbye
One's Eyes must
4get another's face
One's Ears must
4get another's voice
One's Mind must
4get another's name.
One's Heart must
4get that he/she had loved
That person more than
His/her own life

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I wish im a stone

I wish im a stone..
So when d tym comes dat dey want me out of deir lyf
dey can throw me as far as dey cud.

I may break into pieces,

But atleast I wont fil any pain.

Loving 100 Wrong Persons

Loving 100 wrong persons
may not even AFFECT ur life.
But hating 1 right person
will leave U a Broken HEART
Throughout.. Ur LIFE

Keep your memories intact

"Separation" is a wound that
No one can "heal"
But "Rememberance" is a gift
That No one can "steal"

Keep your memories intact

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