Its not that

Its not that

Its not that u stop smiling as u grow old.
The real thing is u grow old
bcoz u stop smiling.
Donate a smile today...
And Live Longer....Good Day!

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U cant hold destiny

U cant hold destiny....
U cant hold time....
U cant hold heartbeats....
U cant hold life....
but U can hold 1 thing & tahts
Ur smile....
So, Hold it 4ever on ur lips.

A person with

A person with a pure heart has such a wonderful SMILE
that can even make their enemy to feel guilty of himself.

So, catch the world with ur cutest smile.

Zindagi ko khushi me

Zindagi ko khushi me bitana seekh lo,
Apne armano ko tum chhupana seekh lo,
Zindagi me kabhi gham chhu na payega,
Bus tum har baat pe muskurana seekh lo.

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