100,00,000 smiles

100,00,000 smiles

Sending you 100,00,000 smiles,
Take 1 for now * keep the
remaining 99,99,999 under ur pillow,
pick out 1 every morning bcoz
I want 2 cu smiling always and always

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If the path is beautiful

If the path is beautiful, let us not ask where it leads..
And if d destination is beautiful, let us not ask how is d path..
"Keep Smiling"


Living in the favourable & non favourable situation is PART OF LIVING
But smiling in all situation is called ART OF LIVING.

Its not that

Its not that u stop smiling as u grow old.
The real thing is u grow old
bcoz u stop smiling.
Donate a smile today...
And Live Longer....Good Day!

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