World doesn't needs

World doesn't needs

The world does not needs
more mountains to climb,
more seas to cross
more stars to shine,

What the world needs is
More of u and ur smiles.

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Smile in ease

Smile in ease
Smile in pain
Smile when trouble
Pore like rain
Smile whn someone hert ur fellings
Smiles you know are very hailng

In my dream

In my dream God asked me to choose between u and smile.
I chose you be coz without you don't know how to smile.
So be with me always if u want me to smile.

After a shower

After a shower of rain, a piece of luminous sunshine decorates the earth wonderfully...
One drop of dew on the grass and a foggy morning gives 2urge 2live...
But a illusive smile frm u increase vitality of someone...
So keep smiling...

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